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Lake Bafa National Park Turkey Portal

The information portal for Lake Bafa national park and the surrounding area is armed with a mission to protect and develop this area of astounding natural beauty and massive historical importance.

The Turkish Government has for some years recognized Bafa Lake as an important location and the aim of the portal is to remind, inform and refresh the status of this location as a natural asset for both Turkey and Worldwide.

We wish to encourage local and global awareness and attract visitors to see this area of amazing natural beauty

Bafa Lake used to be a part of the Aegean Sea and turned into a lake as a result of the development of the Great Menderes Delta.

Lake Bafa is still one of the most unspoiled watery areas in Turkey. Although is under threat from various environmental factors

The maximum depth of the Bafa Lake reaches only 25 meters and the main water sources of the Lake Bafa are the water floods of Great Menderes (Büyük Menderes) River, and the underground waters coming from the mountains of the surrounding area.

The plant cover around the lake mainly consists of tamarisks, pine trees, and olive groves.

The Lake shelters the ecosystem characteristics of Great Menderes delta and because of that, it provides a winter location and a haven for reproduction for many bird species many of which are in the danger of extinction.

Some of the main bird species in the Bafa Lake Natural Park are pelican, dwarf cormorant, and sea eagle. The Park provides a winter haven for up to 300.000 different birds.

There are 700 kinds of plankton in the Lake and a vast variety of water plants.

Therefore this causes many fish species to live in the lake.

The cultural and historical values of the Bafa Lake are substantial

Heraclia Antique City is within the boundaries of the Lake Bafa National Park.

On the southwest foot of Beşparmak Mountains is the Antique City there are many historical buildings including Athena Temple, an Agora, Council Building, Public Baths, Theatre, Nymphaion (fountain building), and Endymion Temple.

In order to protect the history and nature of the area, in 1994, 12281 hectares were made the status of Natural Park.

That status is merited to protect this outstanding site of natural beauty and substantial historical importance

Today Bafa Lake has environmental problems from modern day influences and it is essential to protect this natural treasure for future generations.

It is crucial that Lake Bafa National Park is preserved as it can be seen as a benchmark of the concern in this changing nation Turkey.