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Petzl RocTrip Is Coming To Lake Bafa In Turkey

The international prestigious climbing event Petzl RocTrip over the last twelve years has traveled to Asia, South America,
Western Europe and North America. The Trip has become famous in the climbing community and this year indicating
the quality of the Bouldering around Lake Bafa its Number 8 Base camp of the trip is located here.3484526_orig
Missing from areas on the world map that have been previously visited was Eastern Europe and Turkey.
This was a location that the tour organizers had anticipated for years.
This year’s trip includes the Balkans, Greece, and Turkey.
After the lead organizer explored the area in person, he realized the incredible potential for climbing in this region,
mostly untapped and still developing. Everywhere to be found are crags, boulders, and
mountains and this is a real coup and vindication for the quality of climbing in and around Lake Bafa Turkey.
A classic Petzl RocTrip is on the road For 40 days and 40 nights.
They will travel together as a group to Romania, Bulgaria, ex-Yugoslavia’s Republic of Macedonia, Greece and
then finally Turkey. With some people attending all 40 days and some just for a day.
Every four or five days they move the tour to a new place these are all great locations-6
for camping in classic local villages on the doorstep of the climbing.
Then they find the crags and big walls, and locations of boulders and deep water soloing spots.
The trip moves from dense forests, boulder-strewn deserts locations to warm sandy seasides.
Traveling on highways and small dirt tracks all with the aim of finding unique climbing opportunities.
The group has evening presentations speakers and socializing making this yearly event increasingly popular.
It will host some of the worlds leading experts in their field and is a total vindication of Lake Bafa in Turkey as
an international destination for this increasingly popular niche sport.

Lake Bafa Petzl Roc Trip Description

“Bafa Lake, an ocean of problems
The fields of granite and gneiss boulders that have rolled down from Mount Atmos spread as far as the eye can see around the village of Kapikiri. Bafa Lake, once a gulf of the Aegean Sea until it was filled by sediment from the Meanders River, sheltered the Port of Heraclea. From lakeside wilderness campground, climbers can go off in search of fantastic problems in a spectacular setting.”