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Promote Protect Stop Pollution Bafa Lake Turkey


Many would prefer to visit this natural water Park than the concrete jungles of mass tourism. It has a history that predates many countries. So the appropriate authorities and guardians have a moral duty to clean and protect this National Park.

It merits major investment from all agencies private and public it is a great advert for Turkey if protected and gives rise to tourism that is sustainable and a growth area.

It should be seen as a fantastic investment in tourism and future generations.

Two thousand years ago, Lake Bafa was a bay in the Aegean Sea, known as the Gulf of Latmus. The remains of ancient Byzantine monasteries can still be found on its islets and nearby mountains. Today, the lake in Turkey’s Muğla Province is home to remarkable biodiversity: 261 bird species, 25 plant species, 22 reptile species, and 19 mammal species. But all that is under threat. The lake’s waters have started turning green and foamy thanks to salinization and polluting discharge from factories and fish farms.

Pollution is a multi-faceted problem

Untreated wastewater from factories in the town of Bafa, which lies east of the lake, is being dumped in the lake, according to Turkish paper Hürriyet Daily News.

At the lake’s western end, a Kilic fish farm is also releasing waste into the water.

The great scandal of this is that the government deemed the waste too toxic to go in the sea but allows it into a closed water system Bafa Lake

Plans for a second farm are reportedly underway, according to A professor of aquaculture and a spokesman for Turkey’s Ecosystem Protection and Nature-Lovers’ Association (EKODOSD).

Perhaps most destructive, to Lake Bafa is the main water source, the Büyük Menderes River

It has become increasingly salty ever since it was diverted for irrigation use in 1985. The salinization of the river and the Büyük Menderes Lake have lowered the fertility of nearby fields, and have added an unpleasant odor to the lake, causing it to be a less attractive destination for tourists.

Pollution solution?

Turkey’s state waterworks (DSİ) should treat Bafa Lake with biological cleaning systems to eradicate the pollution. Major efforts should also be made to raise the oxygen levels by environmentally friendly methods

There is a precedent for what happens if the pollution is not stopped that is it could turn into another Büyük Menderes Lake, with the damage from the pollution spreading far and wide around the region.

Bafa Lake’s water ecosystem the environs, the river basin, and soil structure is the best and cheapest purifier for the environment, the natural solutions are around it is crucial to implement and enforce them.

A team from the DSİ has previously taken samples from Bafa Lake and will test them to determine the exact causes of the pollution.

In the summer, when Bafa Lake isn’t receiving much fresh water in the form of rain, the problem gets much worse. Visually this year 2014 it was evident visually the color and algae and smell was there for all to see

In solving the pollution at Bafa Lake, Aydin and Mugla authorities would do well to follow the model of another region close by on Turkey’s Aegean coast that is İzmir.

The Gulf of İzmir was used as an open sewer system beginning in the 60s. But in 2001, İzmir’s municipal government initiated the Big Gulf Project to clean it up. Those efforts are just now paying off, as recent underwater photos showed considerable marine life returning to the previously polluted bay.izmir bay

The İzmir clean-up effort did require major investments by its the government — investments that not every city in Turkey is rich enough to make. But if the historical value and tourism potential of Bafa Lake and its surrounding nature reserve were quantified, Muğla and Aydin local authorities would find it an investment worth making as well to maintain this and promote this as a premium tourist destination to complement the areas of Mass tourism.

It is a natural Water Park so you could say stop investing in building concrete aqua parks and invest and save this natural asset.

The area has mass tourism this is an area that is sustainable tourism there are settlements that predate everything in the area so it is a duty of those that can to save this amazing Lake Bafa for future generations