Legends and Myths

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The Legend of Endymion
Endymion was a shepherd in the Mountains around Bafa Lake. He was a simple man that had his sheep and his shepherd’s pipe.
He watched over his horned and bearded goats hopping from rock to rock during daylight.
His shepherd’s pipe was his only friend and company. He was telling about his feeling of freedom that came from living alone in mountains and his longing to follow who lived in crowded cities only to this shepherd’s pipe.
Endymion’s shepherd’s pipe was not only singing his joy and longings, it was also singing the voices of dark mountaintops, nature, trees and relaxing waters.

In these isolated mountains, nobody was able to see Endymion blowing his pipe in daylight or sprawling on fresh grass at night. Only moonlight was seeing the manful beauty of his sturdy body.

Then the Moon Goddess Selene fell in love with him while watching him. Every night she used to lean on him with his silvery lights and when her lover was lying down on grass she used to wrap her arms around him.
Whenever or wherever Selene rose, she used to find her lover, hold his body with her lights and kiss him.

But Selene used to stay with her lover longer some nights and shorter anothers.
There were nights that Moon never gets together with Endymion. These nights were passing by with horrifying waits as dark as the Mountains’ tops. But these waits were not lasting long, whenever the first moon appeared on the sky, Endymion and Selene was getting back together again and touching each other’s bodies that cool, firm and shiny as a fish came out of the water.
At every meeting, they were feeling like they met and kissed for the very first time. With every kiss, their bodies were getting brighter and they were becoming a divine light from top to toe. Love was the light selfsame for Endymion and Selene.
Immortal gods are jealous of human being’s happiness. Because they don’t want humans to reach some kind of immortality and be the same with gods. But Zeus, the god of gods liked the endless love of Endymion and Selene. He thought to give a gift to a poor Sheppard of Beşparmak Mountains.
Make your wish, he said to Endymion; and he wished to rest in an immortal sleep. From that day to this, tops of Beþparmak whiten like its snowy with moonlight. Its great pines resemble to humans who are sleeping and having bright dreams. The leaves shiver from a wind came from nowhere. Moonlight flows over the tops reaching the sky… Endymion’s pipe is echoed. The fires that shepherds set shine in blue and tell his longings to the rocks. It’s the same voice every time that sings the loneliness of mountains, humans, and Endymion the shepherd of Beþparmak Mountains. As if the sky was ripped open.
We may see the eternal happiness with our own eyes and eternal love.