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Autumn is a great time of natural beauty in the beautiful location on shore of Lake Bafa.

With yoga and meditation practices a healthy break in relaxing beautiful natural surroundings awaits you. Great healthy food and activities designed to compliment this relaxing venue.

Directions and location details visit this link

Be renewed, revived, to raise your energy, to get away from the city, Find nature and from here you can really enjoy the amazing tranquil relaxing area.

Take a break and get away from your everyday routine! Re-connect to yourself, and recharge your batteries !!

Bafa Lake is a perfect place to start or to develop into your yoga practice and balancing your energy!

Assisted by a highly experienced yoga instructor
This Yoga Retreat follows a specific pattern.

You’ll rise early morning, meditate and breathe in the Nature, enjoy Bafa Lake and the fresh healthy clean air.

Then we will have organic brunch full of healthy local ingredients after that take a walk around the Seven Monastery and the we will return to our hotel .Which is set in olive trees and an abundance of flowers and local plants. Surrounding the hotel grounds is the Lake Bafa national park filled with stunning scenery and wildlife.

Programme Includes

Yoga Activities and the trainers services, dinner and brunch, and the guided nature walk

But excludes the transportation to the venue

Silver Olivia Hotel is on the way and very close to the main road.You can come with the bus or your own transportation and there is ample secure parking for all vehicles.

The arrival date is the 28th of October
Please contact me for the other details: 0 (232) 3370900

Overnight accommodation in Silva Oliva Hotel

Yoga in the evening and then after Dinner at the hotel and restaurant Silva Oliva

Morning of October 29 yoga and meditation on the shores of Lake Bafa, and then an organic ‘ brunch’
Then a guided walk from the hotel and return for departure

For any questions, please contact below

0 (232) 3370900

The facilities and location are really an ideal location for yoga and complimented by delicious organic food it is two days that will really give anyone massive benefit

Visit our website for yoga information or the Hotel Silva Oliva website for event location details